影音 Foto - Foto Girl Band Winxs dan Biodata Personilnya


所有歌曲 ( 共 123 首歌 ) (歌詞)1.All Around
(歌詞)2.All the Voices
(歌詞)3.Baby Don't Cry
(歌詞)4.Back On Line
(歌詞)6.Beautiful Girl
(歌詞)7.Big Go Go
(歌詞)8.Biting Bullets
(歌詞)9.Bitter Tears
(歌詞)10.Black And White
(歌詞)11.Body Language
(歌詞)12.Building Bridges
(歌詞)13.Burn For You
(歌詞)14.By My Side
(歌詞)15.Calling All Nations
(歌詞)17.Cut Your Roses Down
(歌詞)18.Dancing On The Jetty
(歌詞)19.Days Of Rust
(歌詞)20.Deliver Me
(歌詞)21.Devil Inside
(提供)22.Different World
(歌詞)25.Don't Change
(歌詞)26.Don't Loose Your Head
(歌詞)27.Don't Lose Your Head
(歌詞)28.Elegantly Wasted
(歌詞)30.Face The Change
(歌詞)31.Fair Weather Ahead
(歌詞)32.Faith In Each Other
(歌詞)34.Freedom Deep
(歌詞)35.Full Moon Dirty Hearts
(歌詞)36.Girl On Fire
(歌詞)37.Golden Playpen
(歌詞)38.Good + Bad Times
(提供)39.Good Times
(歌詞)40.Guns In The Sky
(歌詞)41.Hear That Sound
(歌詞)42.Heaven Sent
(提供)43.Here Comes Ii
(歌詞)44.Here Comes
(歌詞)46.I Send A Message
(歌詞)47.I'm Just A Man
(歌詞)48.I'm Only Looking
(歌詞)49.In Vain
(歌詞)50.Jan's Song
(歌詞)51.Johnson's Aeroplane
(歌詞)53.Just Keep Walking
(歌詞)54.Just To Learn Again
(歌詞)56.Kill the Pain
(歌詞)57.Kiss The Dirt
(歌詞)58.Know The Difference
(歌詞)61.Learning To Smile
(歌詞)62.Let It Ride
(歌詞)63.Listen Like Thieves
(歌詞)64.Love Is
(歌詞)65.Make Your Peace
(歌詞)67.Melting In The Sun
(歌詞)68.Men And Women
(歌詞)70.Need You Tonight
(歌詞)71.Never Tear Us Apart
(歌詞)72.New Sensation
(歌詞)73.Newsreel Babies
(歌詞)74.Night Of Rebellion
(歌詞)75.Not Enough Time
(歌詞)76.Old World New World
(歌詞)77.On A Bus
(歌詞)78.On My Way
(歌詞)79.One x One
(歌詞)80.Original Sin
(歌詞)84.Red Red Sun
(歌詞)85.Roller Skating
(歌詞)86.Same Direction
(歌詞)88.Shake The Tree
(歌詞)89.She Is Rising
(歌詞)90.Shine Like It Does
(歌詞)92.Shining Star
(歌詞)93.Show Me
(歌詞)94.Simple Simon
(歌詞)95.Soul Mistake
(歌詞)96.Spy Of Love
(歌詞)97.Stay Young
(歌詞)98.Strange Desire
(歌詞)99.Suicide Blonde
(歌詞)100.Taste It
(歌詞)101.The Gift
(歌詞)102.The Loved One
(歌詞)103.The Messenger
(歌詞)104.The One Thing
(歌詞)105.The Stairs
(歌詞)106.The Strangest Party
(歌詞)107.The Swing
(提供)108.The Unloved One
(歌詞)109.This Time
(提供)110.Three Sisters
(歌詞)112.Tiny Daggers
(歌詞)113.To Look At You
(歌詞)114.Underneath The Colours
(歌詞)115.Viking Juice
(歌詞)116.We Are The Vegetables
(歌詞)117.We Are Thrown Together
(歌詞)118.What Would You Do
(歌詞)119.What You Need
(歌詞)120.Who Pays The Price
(歌詞)121.Wild Life
(歌詞)122.Wishing Well
(歌詞)123.Wishy Washy



> Shine Like It Does[The Anthology]
> Elegantly Wasted
> The Greatest Hits
> Very Best Of Inxs
> Full Moon Dirty Hearts
> Welcome To Wherever You Are
> Live Baby Live
> X
> Kick
> Listen Like Thieves
> The Swing
> Shabooh Shoobah
> Inxsive 1980-1982
> Underneath The Colors
> Inxs


Foto - Foto Girl Band Winxs dan Biodata Personilnya

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enjoy ya:) maaf kalau ada yang salah. semua biodata dari facebok:) jadi maaf bgt kalau ada yang kurang dan salah :) ENJOY!video by:@SalshaLovaJS dan @elsawangge29 Mentions for follow back:D

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