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所有歌曲 ( 共 60 首歌 ) (歌词)1.Again I Say Rejoice
(歌词)3.Alpha And Omega
(歌词)4.Another Breakthrough
(歌词)5.Breathe Into Me
(歌词)6.By Christmas Day
(歌词)7.Christmas Worship Medley
(歌词)8.Come And Let Us Sing
(歌词)9.Everybody Knows
(歌词)10.Friend Of God
(歌词)12.Go Back
(歌词)13.Go Tell It
(歌词)14.Going to Another Level
(歌词)16.Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
(歌词)17.He Knows My Name
(歌词)20.I Know Who I Am
(歌词)21.I Lift Up My Hands
(歌词)22.I Will
(歌词)23.If Not For Your Grace
(歌词)24.It's Raining
(提供)25.Jesus At the Center Decade Version
(歌词)26.Just Wanna Say
(歌词)27.Love God Love People
(歌词)28.Medley: Take the Limits Off/No Limits
(歌词)29.Moving Forward
(歌词)30.My Life Belongs To You
(歌词)31.New Season
(提供)32.Nocturnal Mist
(歌词)33.Not Forgotten
(歌词)34.Nothing Else Matters
(提供)35.Nutcracker Suite 1
(提供)36.Nutcracker Suite 2
(歌词)37.O Come
(歌词)38.Saved By Grace
(歌词)39.Say So
(歌词)40.Silent Nocturne
(提供)41.Sonny Boy Christmas
(歌词)42.Still Standing
(歌词)44.Take The Limits Off
(歌词)45.The Power Of One
(歌词)46.There's A Liftin' Of The Hands
(歌词)48.To Worship You I Live
(歌词)49.Unperfect Love
(歌词)50.We Have Overcome
(歌词)51.We Wish You A Timeless Christmas
(歌词)52.Who Is Like The Lord
(歌词)53.With Long Life
(歌词)54.With Us
(歌词)55.You Are Good
(歌词)56.You Hold My World
(歌词)57.You've Been A Friend
(歌词)58.You've Won My Affection
(歌词)59.Your Name Is Great
(歌词)60.Your Presence Is Heaven



> Decade
> A Timeless Christmas
> Non-Album Releases
> New Season
> Live From Another Level
> Alive In South Africa
> 暂存

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