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> Stuck Progress To Moon
> Sanity Has Left The Building
> Sanity Has Left The Buildin


Famous People That Love Adele (Everybody Loves Adele) [Part 4]
8m 33s view      31,833
Tokio Hotel - Sacred (Full)
4m 0s view     366,853
Backstreet Boys - Good Morning America - Permanent Stain Acapella (15th May 2013)
0m 58s view      20,922
Doris Day Makin Eyes at Perry Como
6m 3s view     319,133
Amy Winehouse - Valerie - Live HD
3m 30s view    8,236,533
Lucky - Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat (Live On Ellen Degeneres Show)
3m 38s view    2,747,723
Cher Lloyd - Beautiful People (AOL Sessions)
2m 12s view    1,382,489
Mary Hopkin Que Tiempo Tan Feliz (Those Were The Days in Spanish)
3m 44s view      44,811
潇洒走一回 You're The One (英语/粤语/国语)
3m 57s view      73,138
Jason Derulo - Stupid Love (lyrics)
3m 34s view    1,845,048
Coldplay - Fix you (texte en fr.).wmv
4m 54s view     165,042
Ellen Reveals Her Beats Music Super Bowl Commercial
3m 10s view     961,384
Shakira - Whenever, Wherever [Live Wetten Dass HD]
3m 37s view     158,163
Hot Chelle Rae ft. Demi Lovato - Why Don't You Love Me (with lyrics)
3m 31s view    1,322,940
Duran Duran - Come Undone
4m 20s view   18,826,533
SNSD Yoona Solo Part Top10 (video)
4m 52s view     223,525
Best Song Ever KARAOKE - ONE DIRECTION (Best Version)
3m 6s view     506,124
【吹奏楽】サンバ・デ・ラヴズ・ユー Samba De Loves You - 数原晋
3m 55s view      51,345
pet shop boys - go west - lyrcs
4m 45s view     486,781
Perfume Spring of Life 氷结新CM&Making诘め合わせ
2m 45s view     101,559
Overboard - Justin Bieber feat. Jessica Jarrell _STUDIO VERS
4m 0s view     573,428
Cinderella - Shelter Me
5m 2s view    1,405,247
The Lodger - Let Her Go
3m 37s view      24,621
Love Me Tender ... Don McLean
3m 47s view      31,176
Is Doctor Who a Religion? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios
7m 40s view     465,160
Twilight Soundtrack 10: Never Think
3m 38s view     230,937
Pink Floyd - Us and them (live '87)
7m 34s view     169,634
Mayday Parade - Kids In Love (Video)
3m 47s view    1,421,052
Mezdeke - arabic- belly- dance- music-
4m 49s view    1,513,532
Dido - See the Sun lyrics
5m 1s view      37,677

明日へ  合唱 2011
3m 55s view     150,500
4m 19s view     375,821
郑融 - 红绿灯
3m 59s view    1,322,644
Barbra streisand - Memory - Traduzione in italiano
4m 2s view     144,747
B'z-イチブトゼンブ (日剧零秒出手-主题曲)
2m 4s view     599,378
The Jamaicans - Rivers of Babylon
3m 19s view     517,664
Avril Lavigne - Hush Hush (Official Music Video)
4m 20s view      62,482
Puella Magi Madoka Magica OST/BGM 01 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ
4m 54s view     350,405
陈松龄 - 月圆花好
3m 27s view     123,707
3DS 闪乱カグラ Burst 红莲の少女达 OP
1m 37s view     135,621
'Change of Time' - New Track from 2010 Josh Ritter Album ('So Runs the World Away' out May 4th)
4m 5s view     211,298
A Teens - I Can't Help Falling In Love (Lilo and Stitch Version) HQ
3m 17s view     231,600
爱与恨- 真爱趁现在MV Special 2
3m 51s view      12,045
Emotions - Best Of My Love (HQ with lyrics)
3m 37s view    1,550,360
Michael Jackson - Ben
2m 53s view     709,450
Jennifer Lopez - Let's Get Loud (Dance Again Tour - Panama 14/6/12) HD
5m 16s view      35,399
Need For Speed - Roads Untraveled (Music Video)
4m 0s view     387,783
她来听我的演唱会- 张学友&杨宗纬
4m 46s view     144,230
The xx - Sunset (Jamie XX Boiler Room Mix)
5m 45s view      13,878
釜ヶ崎人情 清水节子の男呗
3m 36s view      60,617
hocc 何韵诗 [无.名诗] 最终场@Legacy - 化蝶
6m 4s view       9,966
Three Dog Night - Joy To The World - Live
4m 0s view     335,539
Go West - We Close Our Eyes
3m 44s view     857,194
Attack on titan OP2 - ปีกแห่งเสรี Last Edit Thailand Only
5m 35s view     109,009
3m 35s view       6,952
胡夏《你不知道的事》催泪雨幕版 / HD内详见﹝关于﹞
4m 41s view    1,947,219
LUHICA‘手锁の月 short ver.’
2m 12s view     123,653
1m 13s view     195,012
“タッチ”ギター弾き语りカバー k.natsu feat. Ai
3m 8s view      61,944
chinese bamboo flute relaxation music [ขลุ่ยจีนบรรเลงเพลง 爱江山更爱美人]
5m 22s view      86,711