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所有歌曲 ( 共 11 首歌 ) (歌词)1.O―A―O~Dear my love~



> あの日もっと君と
> Dig it!
> O-A-O


amituofo! 阿弥陀佛!(四字五音)

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why amitabha buddha, and not other buddha's names?

shakyamuni introduced amitabha buddha to his disciples and followers, and laid special stress on the sukhavati. he emphasized that adoration of amitabha buddha is a shorter and easier way to cross over the sea of suffering, to end the cycle of birth and and to reach the other shore of buddhahood. he did not teach us to recite his own name 'shakyamuni', but directed us to recite that of amitabha buddha, because it is more likely for us to achieve by that particular name. no founder of any other religions has directed the people to worship another instead of himself. shakyamuni's recommendation is obviously full of compassion, free from selfishness, and reliable.

there are numerous buddhas in the ten directions. all right-minded sentient beings can draw near and study with them. why has amitabha buddha been singled out among all buddhas?

there are three reasons:
1. because amitabha buddha has made forty-eight profound, all-encompassing vows;
2. because sentient being in this world have great causes and conditions or affinities with him;
3. because the teachings of buddha sakyamuni in the saha world and buddha amitabha in the west are interrelated.

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