视频 [冠军歌王Kara King] 完整版预告 Official Movie Trailer 01.08.2013 全马上映!

The Secrets

所有歌曲 ( 共 23 首歌 ) (歌词)1.40 Below
(提供)2.Artist vs. Who?
(提供)4.Forever and Never
(提供)5.Fragile Figures
(提供)7.How We Survive
(提供)8.Infinite Escape
(提供)9.Live Together, Die Alone
(歌词)10.Maybe Next May
(歌词)12.Ready for Repair
(歌词)13.Sleep Well, Darling
(歌词)14.Somewhere In Hiding
(提供)15.The Architect
(歌词)16.The Ascent
(歌词)17.The Best You Can't Be
(歌词)18.The Boy Next Door
(歌词)19.The Hardest Part
(歌词)20.The Heartless Part
(歌词)21.The Oath
(提供)22.Wasted Youth
(歌词)23.You Look Good In Plastic

The Secrets


> Fragile Figures
> The Ascent
> 暂存

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[冠军歌王Kara King] 完整版预告 Official Movie Trailer 01.08.2013 全马上映!

             2m 45s   view 245479

KARA KING - opens nationwide 1st August 2013

Movie Synopsis (Directed by Namewee)

Wu (Ng Mang Tat) won the Regional Karaoke Championship in Hong Kong by beating his Taiwanese friend Gao (Frankie Gao). When Gao's love interest Ah Hu (Tiger Huang) accepted Wu's marriage proposal, the rivalry between these two Karaoke champions turn into a lifelong competition. During the peak of his singing career, Wu suddenly gave up all the fame & fortune of his career and disappeared from the Hong Kong with his two children.

Just when Wu thought he could take all the secrets with him to his grave, Gao finally found him and came to wreck havoc at Kara Village. With the news about his long lost wife at stake, Wu is forced to come out of retirement for one last duel between the two Karaoke champions. This is a touching story about how the power of music, can bridge the generation gap between a father and his rebellious son.

Kara King is a musical comedy with a multi-national casts from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, China and Canada -- starring Ng Mang Tat (from Stephen Chow fame), Namewee (Nasi Lemak 2.0), Frankie Gao (veteran Taiwanese singer), Tiger Huang (Popular Taiwanese Diva), Christopher Downs (Canadian and Taiwan personality), Moses Lim (popular Singaporean celebrity), Iris Woo and Ribbon Ooi (new Malaysian artistes) and many more. Produced by Fred Chong (Nasi Lemak 2.0 and Hantu Gangster), Kara King is also written and directed by Namewee and will be launched on 1st August 2013 in Malaysia, following by other Asia regions (including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore).


视频● 华语 男歌手
视频● 华语 女歌手
视频● 华语 团体
视频● 欧美 歌手
视频● 日韩 歌手

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