视频 OST -- 韩剧《秘密花园》歌曲,《那个男人》(中文填词版)

OST -- 韩剧《秘密花园》歌曲,《那个男人》(中文填词版)

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Secret Garden

所有歌曲 ( 共 98 首歌 ) (歌词)1.A Girl in the Valley
(歌词)3.Always There
(提供)14.Children of the river
(歌词)15.Come to My Garden/Lift Me Up
(歌词)16.Dawn of a New Century
(歌词)17.Did I Not Love You
(提供)27.Fionnuala's Cookie Jar
(提供)28.First Day Of Spring
(提供)29.Frozen In Time
(歌词)30.Gates Of Dawn
(歌词)32.Half a World Away
(歌词)34.Hold On
(歌词)36.How Could I Ever Know
(提供)37.Hymn To Hope
(歌词)38.I Heard Someone Crying
(歌词)39.I've Dreamed Of You
(歌词)40.If Came The Hour
(提供)42.In our tears
(歌词)44.It's a Maze
(提供)45.Lament For A Frozen Flower
(歌词)46.Lily's Eyes
(提供)47.Lore of the loom
(提供)48.Make A Wish
(提供)49.Mary's Lament - feat. Fionnuala Gill
(歌词)52.My Land
(提供)54.Ode To Simplicty
(提供)55.Once In A Red Moon
(提供)60.Powered By Nature - feat. Espen Grjotheim & Tracey Campbell
(歌词)62.Race You to the Top of the Morning
(歌词)63.Raise Your Voices
(歌词)65.Round-Shouldered Man
(歌词)67.Scene: Archibald's Library Earth
(提供)68.Serenade of spring
(歌词)69.Show Me the Key
(提供)71.Silent Wings
(歌词)72.Simply You
(歌词)74.Sometimes A Prayer Will Do
(提供)76.Song At The End Of The Day
(提供)77.Song For A New Beginning
(歌词)78.Song For A Stormy Night
(提供)79.Song from a secret garden
(歌词)82.Storm II
(提供)83.Suite:Prelude, Intermezzo, Polka, Air, Interlude, Hymn
(歌词)84.Thank You
(提供)85.The Dream - feat. Moya Brennan
(歌词)86.The Girl I Mean to Be
(提供)87.The Promise
(提供)88.The Rap
(歌词)89.The Things You Are To Me
(提供)90.Theme From The Mermaid Chair
(歌词)91.There's a Girl
(歌词)92.Things You Are To Me
(歌词)93.Where In the World
(歌词)96.Winter's On the Wing
(歌词)97.You Raise Me Up
(歌词)98.'Come Spirit, Come Charm'

Secret Garden


> 冬日诗篇(Winter Poem)
> Inside I'm Singing
> Once In A Red Moon
> Dawn Of A New Century
> White Stone
> Songs From A Secret Garden
> 暂存

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